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About ClickDeliver

We as ClickNetworks have worked with restaurants for several years, providing Wi-Fi hotspot and booking/marketing services. With the current lockdown we decided to try to create a delivery/payment platform for restaurants looking to deliver themselves. No need to pay exorbitant commission fees. Give your clients the great meals they want at the right price.

Online Menu

Setup your store on our platform. Load all your dishes with description, price and image. Set your delivery parameters, free distance, delivery cost and cut-off distance!

We will create a custom link for you to direct customers to your new online store! 

Client order

Your fans get to order all the delicious dishes the have been craving for weeks.
We capture all the needed order details and process the payment to your own Payfast account.
We use the client device location at the time of the order to see if the delivery falls within the cut-off distance or free distance. 


Deliver food and smiles with ease. Payments have been processed and delivery details are sent to your drivers.
You can set delivery distances and rates.

Launching in..


How to get started

We are working hard to launch on the 5th of May. With a bit of luck we will be ready before that. Please get in touch to get setup.

1. Get a Payfast Account

Get your store a payfast account to be be able to receive online payments instantly. We will process a split transaction via payfast. ClickDeliver charges 5% of the transaction value. Payfast transaction fees vary, please see the payfast website for more info.

2. Setup your Shop on ClickDeliver

We will provide you with access to the shop dashboard where you can create your menu, manage orders and set your delivery parameters. 

3. Deliver

We create a nice link directly to your online storefront. When customers order, we process the payment straight to your payfast account and send you the order details, including the GPS location for the delivery.


Get in touch with us to get started. The first 20 restaurants to apply will not be charged R99 setup fee.


Beyers Park,


Phone: +27 10 312 5053